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Proceedings of the 
10th World Congress on Pain

(San Diego, CA, USA.  2002)

Progress in Pain Research and Management, Volume 24
Editors: Jonathan O. Dostrovsky, PhD;  Daniel B. Carr, MD;  Martin Koltzenburg, MD
2003, 959pp, hardbound, ISBN 0-931092-46-9. Price: $85.00 US (Members: $64.00)
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Every registered attendee of the 10th World Congress should have received a copy of these proceedings in the mail as a part of their registration at the 2002 congress.
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This overview of selected pain topics addresses important developments in both basic research and clinical studies. Included are discourses on broad topics such as ethical issues, the impact of the digital information age on pain treatment, the key role of evidence-based methods in developing and appraising treatment approaches, pain in special populations, and the interaction of government and health-care entities in treating pain. Other chapters review recent progress in the study of pharmacological and nonpharmacological interventions, central sensitization, the role of genetics in pain perception and treatment, and epidemiological aspects of pain study.

Contributors to this volume are leaders in the international pain community who strive not merely to reduce pain but also to maximize quality of life and functionality for each patient.

Table of Contents

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IASP, Pain, and the 10th World Congress

Nociceptors: Membrane Receptors, Channels, and Types

Nociceptive Pathways, Central Processing, and Imaging

Mechanisms of Central Sensitization

Pharmacological Approaches

Genetics and Gene Therapy

Clinical Epidemiology

Pain Assessment: Quantitative and Qualitative

Specific Clinical Syndromes and Settings

Nonpharmacological Treatments and Outcomes Assessment



IASP, Pain, and the 10th World Congress

Issues and Initiatives in Pain Education, Communication, and Research. B.J. Sessle

Planning the Future of IASP. M.R. Bond

Learning about Pain from the Friendly Giants. A.I. Basbaum

Ethics beyond Guidelines: Culture, Pain, and Conflict. D.B. Morris

Pain Relief in the Information Age: Let’s Meet Our Children’s Expectations. A.R. Jadad


Nociceptors: Membrane Receptors, Channels, and Types

The Molecular Biology of Thermosensation. D. Julius

ASIC3, but Not ASIC1, Channels Are Involved in the Development of Chronic Muscle Pain

K.A. Sluka, M.P. Price, J.A. Wemmie, and M.J. Welsh

Activation of MAP Kinases in Primary Sensory Neurons. R.-R. Ji

Tonic Effects of BAM8-22, an Agonist at the Novel Sensory Neuron Specific Receptor, on the Nociceptive Flexor Reflex in Rats

C.Q. Cao, A. Dray, and M.N. Perkins

Sodium Channel Subtypes and Neuropathic Pain. J.M. Chung, S.D. Dib-Hajj, and S.N. Lawson

Inhibition of TTX-r Na+ Currents in Rat Sensory Neurons by NW-1029, a New Antihyperalgesic Agent

L. Faravelli, R.G. Fariello, and P. Salvati

Peripheral Glutamate Receptors: Novel Targets for Analgesics? S.M. Carlton, T.A. McNearney, and B.E. Cairns

The Differential Effect of Nociceptor Subtypes for Generating Chronic Pain. M. Koltzenburg, H.O. Handwerker, and H.R. Koerber

Painful Peripheral Neuropathies and C-Fiber Nociceptors

J.W. Griffin, J.C. McArthur, M. Polydefkis, B.B. Murinson, A. Belzberg, J. Campbell, M. Ringkamp, and R.A. Meyer

Potential Anatomical and Neurochemical Substrates of Cutaneous Pain: A Role for Meissner’s Corpuscles

M. Paré, K.L. Petersen, and F.L. Rice


Nociceptive Pathways, Central Processing, and Imaging

The Role of Activity in Developing Pain Pathways. M. Fitzgerald and S. Walker

Specificity and Integration in Central Pain Pathways. A.D. Craig

Itch: Mechanisms and Mediators. D. Andrew, M. Schmelz, and J. Ballantyne

The Central Projection of Unmyelinated (C) Afferent Fibers from Gastrocnemius Muscle in the Guinea Pig

L.J. Ling, T. Honda, N. Ozaki, Y. Shimada, and Y. Sugiura

Absence of Substance P and CGRP in the Dorsal Root Ganglia of Naked Mole Rats Correlates with an Absence of Hyperalgesia to Heat. Y. Lu, T. Park, F.L. Rice, and C.E. Laurito

In Vivo Patch-Clamp Analysis of Norepinephrine Effects on Nociceptive Transmission in Substantia Gelatinosa Neurons of the Rat Spinal Cord. H. Furue, M. Sonohata, A. Ito, Y. Kawasaki, H. Baba, and M. Yoshimura

Descending Modulation after Injury. M.M. Heinricher, A. Pertovaara, and M.H. Ossipov

Imaging Visceral Sensations. 

K.D. Davis, M.C. Bushnell, I.A. Strigo, G.H. Duncan, C.L. Kwan, N.E. Diamant,S. Sarkar, L. Gregory, and Q. Aziz

Cognitive Modulation of Cortical Responses to Pain. R. Peyron, P. Rainville, P. Petrovic, and L. Garcia-Larrea

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Capsaicin-Induced Thermal Hyperalgesia

J.C.W. Brooks, W.E. Bimson, N. Roberts, and T.J. Nurmikko

Anesthetic Effect of Barbiturates Microinjected into the Brainstem: Neuroanatomy. I. Sukhotinsky, V. Zalkind, and M. Devor

Placebo Analgesia: From Physiological Mechanisms to Clinical Implications

F. Benedetti, A. Pollo, G. Maggi, S. Vighetti, and I. Rainero


Mechanisms of Central Sensitization

Sensitization of Nociceptor-Specific Neurons by Capsaicin or Mustard Oil: Effect of GABAA-Receptor Blockade

E. Garcia-Nicas, J.M.A. Laird, and F. Cervero

What the Brain Tells the Spinal Cord: Lamina I/III NK1-Expressing Neurons Control Spinal Activity via Descending Pathways

R. Suzuki, S. Morcuende, M. Webber, S.P. Hunt, and A.H. Dickenson

Purinergic and NMDA-Receptor Mechanisms Underlying Tooth Pulp Stimulation-Induced Central Sensitization in Trigeminal Nociceptive Neurons. C.Y. Chiang, B. Hu, S.J. Park, S. Zhang, C.L. Kwan, J.W. Hu, J.O. Dostrovsky, and B.J. Sessle

Enhanced AMPA Receptor GluR1 Subunit Expression and Neuronal Activation within Brainstem Pain Modulatory Circuitry after Inflammation. C.L. Renn, Y. Guan, R. Dubner, and K. Ren

Immune and Glial Involvement in Physiological and Pathological Exaggerated Pain States. 

L.R. Watkins, E.D. Milligan, and S.F. Maier

Animal Models of Neuropathic Pain Induce Apoptosis and a Loss of GABAergic Inhibition in the Spinal Dorsal Horn

J. Scholz, D.C. Broom, T. Kohno, H.A. Lekan, R.E. Coggeshall, and C.J. Woolf

Differential Role of Spinal Prostaglandin Receptor Subtypes EP1–EP4 in Rats with Normal and Inflamed Knee Joints

A. Ebersberger, K.-J. Bär, P. Teschner, A. Telleria-Diaz, E. Vasquez, and H.-G. Schaible

Perceptual Correlates of Long-Term Potentiation in the Spinal Cord

T. Klein, W. Magerl, U. Mantzke, H.-C. Hopf, J. Sandkühler, and R.-D. Treede


Pharmacological Approaches

New Targets for Analgesic Drugs. R.G. Hill

Cannabinoids and Pain. A.S.C. Rice, W.P. Farquhar-Smith, D. Bridges, and J.W. Brooks

Nociceptin, Nocistatin, and Pain. H.U. Zeilhofer, R.K. Reinscheid, and E. Okuda-Ashitaka

Effects of Sumatriptan on Rat Medullary Dorsal Horn Neurons. E.A. Jennings, R.M. Ryan, and M.J. Christie

Predictive Validity of Neuropathic Pain Models in Pharmacological Studies with a Behavioral Outcome in the Rat: A Systematic Review. V.K. Kontinen and T.F. Meert

Side Effects of COX-2 Inhibitors and Other NSAIDs. H.J. McQuay and R.A. Moore


Genetics and Gene Therapy

Genetic Influence on Pain Sensitivity in Humans: Evidence of Heritability Related to Single Polymorphisms in Opioid Receptor Genes. H. Kim, J.K. Neubert, M.J. Iadarola, A. San Miguel, D. Goldman, and R.A. Dionne

Gene Therapy for Pain: Different Approaches toward a Common Goal. D.C. Yeomans, A. Mannes, and Y. Saitoh

Therapeutic Efficacy in Experimental Polyarthritis of Recombinant Virus-Driven Enkephalin Overproduction in Sensory Neurons

J. Braz, A. Meunier, C. Beaufour,F. Cesselin, M. Hamon, and M. Pohl


Clinical Epidemiology

Epidemiology of Chronic Noncancer Pain in Denmark. M.K. Jensen, P. Sjøgren, O. Ekholm, N.K. Rasmussen, and J. Eriksen

Prevalence and Characteristics of Neuropathic Pain in 358 Patients with Leprosy

P.R.N.A.G. Stump, R. Baccarelli, L.H.S.C. Marciano, J.R.P. Lauris, S. Ura, M.J. Teixeira, and M.C.L. Virmond

The Experience of Menstrual Pain in Belgian Women. H.D. Malonne and J. Van Hoek

Pain in General Medical Patients: An Audit. L. Johnson, A. Regaard, and N. Herrington


Pain Assessment: Quantitative and Qualitative

Quantitative Sensory Testing in Clinical Practice: Clinical Considerations and New Methods

R.H. Gracely, E. Eliav, and P. Hansson

What Decline in Pain Intensity Is Meaningful to Patients with Acute Pain? 

M.S. Cepeda, J.M. Africano, R. Polo, R. Alcala, and D.B. Carr

Should We Measure Depression, Anxiety, and Anger as Distinct Mood States in Chronic Pain Patients?

S.J. Gibson, K. Garland, P. Gardner, C. Arnold, and G. Mendelson

How Stories Remake What Pain Unmakes. A.W. Frank

Fear in Musculoskeletal Pain. J.W.S. Vlaeyen

Self, Identity, and Acceptance in Chronic Pain. G. Crombez, S. Morley, L. McCracken, T. Sensky, and T. Pincus


Specific Clinical Syndromes and Settings

Molecular Mechanisms that Generate and Maintain Cancer Pain

P.W. Mantyh, C.D. Nelson, M.A. Sevcik, N.M. Luger, and M.A.C. Sabino

Pathophysiology and Treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndromes

R. Baron, A. Binder, J. Schattschneider, and G. Wasner

Pain in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Challenges for the Future

T.F. Oberlander, F. Symons, K. van Dongen, and H. Huijer Abu-Saad

Phantom Limb Pain: Causes and Cures. H. Flor, M. Devor, and T.S. Jensen

Acute Pain Management in the Chronic Pain Sufferer. S.E. Abram

Opioids for Chronic Noncancer Pain. E. Kalso

Pain and Aging: The Pain Experience over the Adult Life Span. S.J. Gibson

Pain in Survivors of Torture and Organized Violence. A.C. de C. Williams, K. Amris, and J. Van Der Merwe

Legal Aspects of End-of-Life Treatment in Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Germany, Japan, and The Netherlands. D. Mendelson, T.S. Jost, and M. Ashby


Nonpharmacological Treatments and Outcomes Assessment

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment. A.C. de C. Williams

Hypnotic Analgesia and Its Applications in Pain Management. R.G. Large, D.D. Price, and R. Hawkins

Translating Evidence for Psychological Interventions to Manage Recurrent Pain and Chronic Pain in Children and Adolescents: Three Trials. C. Eccleston, V.P.B.M. Merlijn, J.A.M. Hunfeld, and G.A. Walco

A Biopsychosocial Approach to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. L.A. Bradley, M.L. Cohen, and E.A. Fors

Rehabilitation of the Injured Worker: Measurement, Management, and Evidence

M. Nordin, J. Strong, M. van Tulder, and H. Wittink

Rehabilitation: Assessing the Outcome. A. Kvåle, A.E. Ljunggren, L.I. Strand, T.E. Rudy, and D.L. Hart


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