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Progress in Pain Research and Management, Vol. 1
Editors: Howard L. Fields and John C. Liebeskind

1994, 326 pp, hardbound, ISBN 0-931092-04-3. Price: $55.00 US [IASP members: $41.25 US] 
Special Price: $36.00

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Most patients with pain are treated with pharmacological agents. For many, currently available drugs provide inadequate management. This book presents reviews of recent developments in our knowledge of sympatholytics, membrane stabilizing agents, opioids, anti-depressants, and antagonists to excitatory amino acid neurotransmitters. Clinical data on efficacy of these drugs for the neural mechanisms underlying chronic pain syndromes are reviewed. This book is recommended for clinicians caring for patients with chronically painful diseases, all those interested in the pharmacology of analgesic medications, and those interested in neuropathic pain. (Part of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pain Research Series.)

Table of Contents: Pharmacological Approaches

Relief of Unnecessary Suffering, H.L. Fields

Silent Afferents and Visceral Pain, S.B. McMahon and M. Koltzenburg

Peripheral Neural Contributions to Inflammation, P.H. Heller, P.G. Green, K.D. Tanner, F.J.-P. Miao, and J.D. Levine

Possible Importance of Neurogenic Inflammation Within the Meninges to Migraine Headaches, M.A. Moskowitz and F.M. Cutrer

Chronic Pain Due to Peripheral Nerve Damage: An Overview, G.J. Bennett

Central Neural Mechanisms of Normal and Abnormal Pain States, D.D. Price, J. Mao, and D.J. Mayer

Diagnosis and Management of Sympathetically Maintained Pain, J.N. Campbell, S.N. Raja, D.K. Selig, A.J. Belzberg, and R.A. Meyer

The Role of Modifications in Noradrenergic Peripheral Pathways after Nerve Lesions in the Generation of Pain, W. Jänig and E.M. McLachlan

A Reevaluation of Mechanisms Leading to Sympathetically Related Pain, E.R. Perl

Interaction of Spinal Modulatory Receptor Systems, T.L. Yaksh and A.B. Malmberg

NMDA Receptor Antagonists as Analgesics, A.H. Dickenson

Mechanism of Action of Local Anesthetics, J.M. Ritchie

Membrane Stabilizing Agents and Experimental Neuromas, C. Chabal

Topical Analgesic Agents, M.C. Rowbotham

Antidepressants as Analgesics, M.B. Max

Opioid Therapy for Chronic Nonmalignant Pain: Current Status, R.K. Portenoy

Opioids as Novel Intra-Articular Agents in Arthritis, C. Stein, K. Lehrberger, A. Yassouridis, and G. Khoury

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...The IASP and the editors have produced an outstanding book. It’s not only a bargain in terms of cost, but also a wonderful text: once read, it will change the way most of us approach the treatment of our patients with chronic pain...It is a must for all those who are involved in the treatment of pain patients or involved in basic research in this field. Annals of Neurology
...Without doubt, this is a book that anyone with an interest in pain and its control should acquire. The value in its well printed, illustrated, referenced, and indexed pages is a must for every library. British Journal of Anaesthesia
. . . the material that is included in this volume provides an excellent reference on a number of topics involving progress in pain research and management in 1994. Subsequent books in this series may be hard pressed to match this one. APS Bulletin
Unlike most symposium proceedings, this offering is well-edited, with plenty of key references and good figures and illustrations . . . Considering the excellent quality of the book, [the editors] and the publishers are to be congratulated for the rapid publication . . . Most readers will find something in this book that they did not know . . . Overall, this is an excellent book that I enthusiastically recommend to anyone interested in pain, from either the clinical or research perspective . . . The book is attractively bound, and for its content and quality, the price. . . is very reasonable. The Clinical Journal of Pain

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