CRPS: Current Diagnosis
and Therapy

Progress in Pain Research and Management, 
Volume 32

Peter R. Wilson
Michael Stanton-Hicks
R. Norman Harden

2005  :  hardbound :  316 pages  : 28 figures : 
ISBN 0-931092-55-8
US$82.00  (IASP members US$67.00) 

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Complex regional pain syndrome is a medically and economically significant condition that is disproportionate to the inciting event. Until now, it has been difficult to make the diagnosis, but this volume presents validated diagnostic criteria for the condition. Treatment for the condition has been hampered by the lack of good clinical evidence. This volume summarizes all reported treatments and evaluates the scientific evidence for each. A treatment algorithm is presented. This is a text that will be invaluable for the clinician, and for all those who address the issues of CRPS in the medical, re­habilitation, public health, or medicolegal fields.

 Table of Contents

Part I  Overview of Taxonomy of Syndromes and Diseases

Section Editor: Peter R. Wilson

Introduction. John D. Loeser

Taxonomy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Harold Merskey

Retrospection, Science and Epidemiology of CRPS. Peter R. Wilson and Nikolai Bogduk


Part II  Taxonomy and Diagnosis: Clinical Experience

Section Editor: Peter R. Wilson

Diagnostic Criteria: The Statistical Derivation of the Four Criterion Factors. R. Norman Harden and Stephen P. Bruehl

Factor I: Sensory Changes - Pathophysiology and Measurement. Anne Louise Oaklander and Frank Birklein

Factor II: Vasomotor Changes - Pathophysiology and Measurement. Gunnar Wasner and Ralf Baron

Factor III: Sudomotor Changes and Edema - Patho­physiology and Measurement.
Paola Sandroni and Peter R. Wilson

Factor IV: Movement Disorders and Dystrophy - Pathophysiology and Measurement.
Jacobus J. Van Hilten, Helmut Blumberg, and Robert J. Schwartzman

Laboratory Tests for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Oliver Rommel, Heinz-Joachim Häbler, and Matthias Schürmann


Part III  Management of CRPS

Section Editor: R. Norman Harden

The Rationale for Integrated Functional Restoration. R. Norman Harden

Physical and Occupational Therapies. Jan H.B. Geertzen and R. Norman Harden

Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for CRPS and Related Conditions. Anne Louise Oaklander

Psychological Interventions. Stephen P. Bruehl

Traditional Interventional Therapies. Allen W. Burton, Timothy R. Lubenow, and P. Prithvi Raj

Implanted Therapies. Timothy R. Lubenow, Asokumar Buvanendran, Michael Stanton-Hicks

Miscellaneous and Experimental Therapies. Michael Stanton-Hicks, Richard L. Rauck, Mark Hendrickson, and Gabor Racz

Management of Pediatric Patients with CRPS. Robert T. Wilder and Gunnar Olsson


Part IV  Epilogue

Section Editor: Peter R. Wilson

Future Perspectives. Wilfrid Jänig     

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