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Pain 1999 - An Updated Review (Refresher Course Syllabus)
Editor: Mitchell Max
1999, 600 pp, softbound, ISBN 0-931092-32-9.
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Table of Contents:

Cancer Pain

Opioid and Adjuvant Analgesics. Russell K. Portenoy
Substance Abuse Issues in Cancer Pain Management Steven D. Passik, Russell Portenoy, and Jeremy C. Lundberg
Cancer Pain. Eduardo Bruera and Catherine M. Neumann
Visceral Pain: Mechanisms and Update

Physiology and Physiopathology of Visceral Pain. Fernando Cervero
Pain of Pelvic Origin (Urological and Gynecological). Ursula Wesselmann
Pain from the Gastrointestinal System. Fernando Azpiroz

Role of the Brain in Pain Processing

Brain Mechanisms Supporting the Pain Experience: A Distributed Processing System. Robert C. Coghill
Central Pain from Brain Lesions. Jörgen Boivie
Functional Anatomy of Supraspinal Pain Processing with Reference to the Central Pain Syndrome. A. D. (Bud) Craig
Principles of Addiction Medicine for the Pain Clinician

Diagnosing Addiction and Drug-seeking Behavior in Chronic Pain Patients.
Brian Goldman
Screening for Addiction Risk in Patients with Pain. Roman D. Jovey
Pain, Opioids and Addiction - the Neurobiological Roots. Roman D. Jovey
Chronic Pain and the Disease of Addiction: The Interfacing Roles of Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicine. Seddon R. Savage
Physical Fitness, Physical Function, and Physical Therapy in Patients with Pain

Physical Function and Physical Performance in Patients with Pain: What Are the Measures and What Do They Mean?
Maureen Simmonds
Physical Fitness, Function and Physical Therapy in Patients with Pain: Clinical Measures of Aerobic Fitness and Performance in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain. Harriët Wittink
Physical Activity and Low Back Pain. Elizabeth J. Protas
Non-Physiological Determinants of Physical Performance in Musculoskeletal Pain. Paul J. Watson
The Role of Movement in Acute Pain. Vicki Harding
Headache and Orofacial Pain

Prophylaxis of Migraine and Other Headaches
. Hans-Christoph Diener and Volker Limmroth
New Aspects of the Pathophysiology of Migraine and Cluster Headache. Peter J. Goadsby
"The Triptan War Anno 1999". Michel D. Ferrari and Krista I. Roon
Orofacial Pain: Assessment and Management. Steven B. Graff-Radford

Psychological Assessment of the Pain Patient for the General Clinician

Psychological Assessment of the Pain Patient for the General Clinician. Francis J. Keefe, Laurence A. Bradley, and Chris J. Main

Practical Management of Chronic Pain in Children

Management of Chronic Pain in the Newborn. Neil McIntosh
Complementary Methods of Chronic Pain Control in Children. Sally E. Tarbell
Medical Considerations in the Management of Chronic Pain in Children. G. David Champion, Justin H.N. Kong, and Belinda Goodenough
Introductory Course in Anesthesiological and Neurosurgical Interventional Techniques of Pain Management
Ablative Neurosurgery for Pain. John D. Loeser
Electric Stimulation of the Central Nervous System. Björn A. Meyerson and Bengt Linderoth
Neural Blockade and Pain Management. Michael J. Cousins and Suellen M. Walker

Design of Clinical Trials of Pain Treatments

Methodological Issues in the Design of Analgesic Clinical Trials. Mitchell Max
Drug Combination Studies. James C. Eisenach
Hypothesis Confirmation - Form Follows Function. Curtis Wright IV
Within-Patient Studies: Cross-Over Trials and n-of-1 Studies.Stephen Senn

Scientific Basis for the Evaluation and Treatment of RSD/CRPS Syndromes

Scientific Basis for the Evaluation and Treatment of RSD/CRPS Syndromes: Laboratory Studies in Animals and Man. Gary J. Bennett
Assessing Sympathetic Nervous System Function in CRPS Patients: Scanning Doppler Fluxmetry. Jahangir Maleki
Inflammatory Aspects of RSD. Peter H.J.M. Veldman
How to Improve Clinical Practice in Pain Treatment: Consultation, Clinician and Patient Education, and Quality Improvement Approaches
Development and Maintenance of an Acute Pain Management Program. Christine Miaskowski
How to Improve Clinical Practice in Oncology Pain Management. Judith A. Paice
How to Improve Clinical Practice in Pain Treatment: Consultation Clinician, Patient Education and Quality Improvement.Robyn Quinn

Clinical Approach to Spinal Pain

Back Pain and Neck Pain: An Evidence-Based Update. Nikolai Bogduk and Leslie Barnsley

Advanced Analgesic Pharmacology for the Clinical Investigator

The Roles of Transmitters and Their Receptors in Systems Related to Pain and Analgesia. Anthony H. Dickenson
Centrally-Acting Analgesics That Mimic Endogenous Inhibitory Neurotransmitters. Donna L. Hammond
Peripheral Analgesic Pharmacology - An Update. Raymond G. Hill
New Developments in Evidence-Based Decision Making: Relevance to Pain Treatment and Research
The Cochrane Collaboration and its Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Review Group. Daniel B. Carr, Phil Wiffen, Frances Fairman, and Matthew LeMaitre
How to Assess Harm: Lessons from Acute Postoperative Pain. Jayne E. Edwards, Henry J. McQuay, R. Andrew Moore, and Sally L. Collins
New Developments in Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Relevance to Pain Treatment and Research. R. Andrew Moore

Clinical Pharmacology of the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain

Clinical Pharmacology of the Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain. Geoffrey K. Gourlay
Opioid Toxicities - Assessment and Management. Eduardo Bruera and Catherine M. Neumann
Controlling Acute Pain - Role of Pre-emptive Analgesia, Peripheral Treatment, and Balanced Analgesia, and Effects on Outcome.
Henrik Kehlet
Clinical Pharmacology of Acute Pain: Postoperative Pain, Acute Myocardial Infarction, and Migraine. John L. Plummer
Philosophy and Pain or What Leading Philosophers (Living and Dead) Can Contribute to Pain Research and Clinical Care
Phenomenism Versus Representationism. Ned Block
An Experimental Paradigm for the 'Hard' Problems of Pain and Consciousness. Donald D. Price and James J. Barrell
Between First-Person and Third-Person Accounts of Pain in Clinical Medicine. Mark Sullivan

Advanced Basic Science of Pain: Genes and Pain

Molecular Approaches for the Study of Pain-Differential Gene Expression. Clifford J. Woolf, Richard J. Mannion, and Michael Costigan
Expression Cloning of Sensory Receptors. David Julius

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pain

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain. Judith A. Turner and Francis J. Keefe
Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for the Secondary Prevention of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. Steven J. Linton

Introduction to the Basic Science of Pain and Headache for the Clinician

Introduction to the Basic Science of Pain and Headache for the Clinician: Anatomical Concepts. Karin N. Westlund
Introduction to the Basic Science of Pain and Headache for the Clinician: Physiological Concepts. William D. Willis, Jr.
Pharmacology of Pain and Analgesia. George L. Wilcox

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